H&M Spring 2013 Lookbook

The upcoming H&M Spring 2013 collection carries a very relaxed boho chic vibe. Although, this is not exactly my cup of tea, it sure is a true delight to the admirers of Isabel Marant. I am however, seriously crazy over few specific pieces such as a pair of white wedge ankle boots (see here), embossed leather jacket and skirt and orange hued knits and oversized tops. During my visit to H&M HQ back in March (see here), I remember getting a sneak peak into the color cards for SS13 and being particularly excited about these specific hues :)
Do you have any faves already?

Предстоящата колекция на H&M за пролет 2013 е леко небрежна интерпретация на бохемския шик. Въпреки, че бохо шика не е точно сред любимите ми цялостни визии, тази колекция със сигурност ще е много добре възприета от любителите на Isabel Marant. Аз обаче имам няколко любими артикули, като чифт бели боти на палтформа (виж тук), кожено яке и пола с релефни детайли и плетива и широки ризи в червеникаво-оранжевата гама. Спомних си, че по време на посещениeто ми в централата на H&M през Март (виж тук), успях да надникна в цветовата гама за пролет-лято 2013 и бях изключително щастлива от присъствието на тези нюанси :)
Вие харесахте ли си вече нещо?

pics via The Backseat Stylers

5 Replies to “H&M Spring 2013 Lookbook”

  1. Lollihearts says:

    H&M always doesnt it for me!

    love the cream items



  3. Precious items! Once again a homerun for H&M but I still need to figure out what fits my style and what my wardrobe needs :-) see you in spring H&M ;-)


  4. I am seriously falling for H&M.. Hehe… This collection must be the best by far!! can’t wait..

  5. Vivian says:

    Oooow the first dress and the printed grey jacket are to die for! But last time I went in a H&M I was disgusted by the plastic feeling of almost everything they were selling in there, and I haad to get out. I mean, chargin 25 pounds for a sweater which is exactly the same quality as Primark that charges 8£… I really don’t see the point in spending the money cause it’s H&M: it’s still shit quality!

let me know what you think...

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