8th March 2012

Снощи точно в 20 часа, забързани по червения килим, любители на модата сбъднаха 2 от големите си мечти: да посрещнат H&M в България и да си купят мечтаното съкровище от безспорно най-добрата дизайнерска колаборация до момента. Домакините ни поглезиха с усмихнат персонал, перфектен кетъринг и музика. Моите сили стигнаха да поздравя Ann-Sofie Johansson, да си набавя Marni, да се запозная със Сантра (която се оказа моя читателка, УАУ!) и да дам интервю. Неочаквано след това се озовах в секцията за бельо, на по-тихо и спокойно място, наслаждавайки се на покупките, внимателно обгрижвана с шампанско и хапки и в добра компания от читателки (Aна, благодаря за снимката с памучните гащи :D) А в къщи се прибрах с 3 рокли, 2 колиета, парка, чанта и сандали на ток. Благодаря на Дана, Яна и Юлия за удоволствието да нося голяма част от нещата – беше трудно да не се влюбя в тях.
С това откриване, H&M поставиха летвата много високо, което като потребители само трябва да ни радва!

At 8PM on 8th March, H&M opened it’s first store in Bulgaria for a selection of customers. Our hosts surprised us with helpful staff, perfect catering and music. Hurrying on the red carpet, I managed to greet Ann-Sofie Johansson, stock on Marni, meet a very favorite singer (that turned to be my reader, WOW!) and give an interview. Then ended up in the quiet lingerie corner, enjoying my purchases, Champaign and food and good company of readers. And I took home 3 dresses, 2 necklaces, parka, a bag and the sandals. After wearing most of the Marni at H&M collection for the past week, it was difficult not to fall in love with it!

9 Replies to “8th March 2012”

  1. R says:

    супер, всичко е било много хубаво :0 ще видим аз какво ще си купя, нямам търпение!

  2. Borjana says:

    You look chic in those Marni pieces!I wanted to get the shoes,but they’re a little bit pricey:-(

  3. Evelina says:

    хаха, остана ли въобще нещо от колекцията на marni в магазина за нас утре? :D

  4. It’s one of those events I really wish I could attend… You’re so lucky to have been invited! :o) I’m sure it was fun!


  5. WearAbouts says:

    those shoes are waayyy to cool !!! Would kill to slip those on my feet! :) can’t wait to see how you style your new pieces. Love your look for the night as well! The bold print was a good choice :)
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  6. Polly says:

    mmm//Marni fir H&M)i think it was very interesting oarty!)

    Polly with love)

  7. Great pieces, the marni collection is one of the best designer cooperations ever.

    Like your blog and would be happy if we could follow each other because we are always interesting to find and follow nice blogs all over the world :)

    Hope to hear from you, greetings

  8. Twins says:

    In South of France (Nice) it wasn’t so crazy for this collection!! I don’t know why, we don’t hear so much about this collection on the tv or magazines!!

    I like what you bought and we were perfect at the fashion week all in Marni!! xx


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