Maldives: Arrival and First Impressions

Flying over Maldives is the most memorable experience I have ever had! Cozily cuddling in a blanket, trying to wake up from the night flight with a bubbly in my hand, I open the window blind and stumble upon the most beautiful view from airplane sight. Scattered tiny islands fringed by pure white sandy beaches, shallow turquoise lagoons and brightly colored coral reefs – a view that shames all photos and postcards I’ve ever seen!
From the moment I step foot at Male airport, I am cared for by the team from the resort that is my final destination. Luggage is carefully tagged and prepared for loading on the next mean of transport and I am taken to the sea terminal where there is a special lounge for the resort guests and you are pampered with hot drinks, free wifi and serene atmosphere while waiting for your transfer to the resort island.
Maldives public transport could be nothing else than a fleet of seaplanes. The state-owned company, Trans Maldivian Airways, has the biggest fleet of seaplanes in the world. These machines are the fastest and safest way to reach any of the thousands of islands scattered around the country. They are nosy and tiny so you feel more exposed but actually they are very manoeuvrable and equipped to work in any climate and weather conditions. All the anxiousness disappears once we take off and a bird’s eye view of the Maldives is again right under my nose.
The 25 minutes ride seems so short while I discover all the places we are flying over until I spot something familiar – the resort I’ve seen hundreds of photos of. The plane lands at a respectable distance from the island near a small floating dock (which later I realised is to not disturb the guests with the noise) and a traditional boat called Dhoni is waiting to take us to the resort Jetti (dock) where a big team of people are waiting to greet the new guests with hot towels and traditional coconut drink. The minute I sit down to take a deep breath, I realise this is indeed heaven on Earth but there is much more to experience.
I am taken to my water villa with a buggy (the resort ‘public transport’ – silent golf cart, again not to disturb the guests) where they open the doors to real peace: 100 sq.m. open-plan space floating over the turqoise lagoon with a private deck for sunbathing and enjoying morning coffee, personal infinity pool and stair access to the ocean for snorkelling around. First order of business is to settle on the deck and sink in the view with a bottle of Prosecco and plate of chocolate confectionery that is waiting for me in the living room… WELCOME to Constance Halaveli Maldives!

FriChic is flying with QATAR AIRWAYS – the best airline of 2015!


Constance Halaveli Maldives1 week since I found paradise on Earth… / 1 седмица, откакто открих рая на земята…Constance Halaveli Resort, MaldivesFriChic is flying with Qatar Airways – the best airline of 2015!

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