Meet: Anna from ASH Jewelry

I always tell that the best thing about having this blog for more than 6 years now is the people I meet along the way. To be honest, I owe all my best friends to FriChic. I met them in so many different settings so everyone of them is close to my heart in a very different way and they inspire me to keep going. At the end, these people are ‘my team’ so I’ve decided to start a new series where I will introduce them and share with you both sides of our friendship.


Anna is the oldest friend that I owe to the blog. She is an artistic mastermind and a serious multitasker: she is a jewelry designer at heart, fashion designer by diplom, creative executive in life and a dedicated cat lover. She is the owner of ASH Jewelry and the leading person behind The Mall Blog, a creative space sponsored by one of the biggest malls in Bulgaria.


Ivelina: We met in the Fall of 2009 (I had to check with the blog). Literally, I picked her up in a bar! As I was sipping dry martini, I noticed 2 people in the bar facing the street window. Only seeing their backs, I was immediately intrigued by how different they look. I mentioned them to the barkeeper, he said ‘we are acquaintances’ and before I knew what was happening he called them and introduced us.
Anna: It was an early autumn evening at a friends’ bar a long time ago when she happened. Yes, I’m using the word “happened”, cause there are people you don’t just meet. They happen to you and change your life completely. The bonding spark started the minute we said “nice to meet you”.

Ivelina: Anna and I were dressed exactly the same: liquid look black leggings, long grey tunic top, black ankle boots and a chunky necklace… What are the odds? I complimented her necklace, she said it is her creation. I was very impressed. We exchanged contact details.
Anna: “She’s not local” :) Seriously my first thought was that she probably just landed from London, judging by her outfit. I’ll never forget our outfit (yes we were wearing almost the same outfit quite by accident): grey oversized sweater, black leggings and leather high heeled shoes. We started talking about fashion, blogging and jewelry and could not shut up for hours. Later on I realized what precious personality she has and was impressed by all the common interests we share.

Ivelina: Anna had sent me photos of her jewelry designs and I immediately thought ‘these are unique and we can sell them’. So our second date was kind of a business meeting. I told her about my idea, we discussed the ground rules and ASH Jewelry was officially born. The first on the agenda was for Anna to realise my dream necklace of layers of pearls and chains. And that is how the amazingly popular Pearls&Pins necklace was born. It was the IT piece for Ash Jewelry and we had tons of orders. Few months later I appeared in Vogue Paris wearing it!
Anna: It was my first business related coffee meeting and the beginning of the most exciting few years of my life – the birth of “Ash Jewelry”. I didn’t realize just then that a true friendship was being born as well.


Ivelina: Although we started as business partners and we are very different: she – the creative type, and me – the pushy organisational freak, we grew closer. She offers me a place to stay before early flights and after exhausting trips, she feeds me freshly baked pastry after midnight. She is my partner-in-crime at different events, patient and always there. Photographer at times and always someone I can count on, someone that doesn’t judge and listens to me ramble for hours. She is my refuge – literally and emotionally. And from the perspective of time, thank to her and ASH Jewelry I discovered my professional calling.
Anna: It’s easy to find a friend with similar interests. The hard thing is to find one with the same personal values. Ours is a relationship based on strong ethical & principle foundation…and wine.

Ivelina: We have sleepovers, drink tea and talk for hours.
Anna: We don’t see each other every day but when we do, we usually talk, share, laugh, cry, trash other people (oops), drink wine…everything other friends do, only that we are dressed well doing it. :)


  • Preslava Tsacheva

    Много ми харесва! Тази нова рубрика, ако мога така да я нарека е страхотна! Виждала съм Ана веднъж и ми направи страхотно впечатление как беше облечена, веднага ми се стори страшно интересен човек. Беше на COsmopolitan Shopping Run миналата пролет, където тя беше жури и носеше миди пола и скъсен топ с Crack ефект. Веднага си помислих, че този топ много, много ми напомня на твоя стил (защото по това време тъкмо беше публикувала инфо за този мини тренд) Не мога да повярвам, че всъщност вътрешното ми чувство се е оказало правилно и вие сте приятелки :D :))
    Поздрави и на двете, страхотни сте!

  • Natasja van Dinther

    This is such a fun article! I think it’s great that you can make friends by your blog, however I think it’s really special when it happened really randow like with you two!

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