Tangerine Tango

We share the same haircolor and love for this lipstick. She loves the berry smell and I am addicted to the vibrant color and nourishing texture.
Latest addition to my beauty closet: AVON Ultra Color lipstick in tangerine tango

Споделяме един цвят на косата и любов към това червило. На нея й харесва плодовия аромат, а аз съм пристрастена към наситения цвят и подхранващата текстура.
Най-новата ми бюти придобивка: AVON Ultra Color червило в цвят tangerine tango

16 Replies to “Tangerine Tango”

  1. silvia says:

    Love it! You both look great :-)



  2. pipa says:

    И двете сте сууупер:)

  3. Carola says:

    it says a dog looks like its owner. that’s definitely true here!

  4. Владислава Шаламанова says:

    tangerine tango

  5. Sofiq Georgieva says:

    mnogo e hybavo

  6. Elena says:

    neveroqtno o4aruvatelna

  7. Neli Nedqlkova says:

    tangerine tango

  8. Живка Петрова says:

    Tangerine Tango -разкошен цвят

  9. Антоанета Иванова says:

    tangerine tango – неповторимо усещане за разкош.

  10. Maria Stoyanova says:

    tangerine tango

  11. Blagovesta Petkova says:

    tangerine tango

  12. Josette says:

    That color looks amazing on you! I have swatches of all of the Ultra Color lipstick shades available here in the U.S., if you want to check them out and find more colors that you like:-)

  13. galq says:

    tangerine tango

  14. sofiq says:

    tangerine tango
    страшен цвят

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