Birds of Paradise

top / топ – Choies
skirt / пола – Asos
shoes / обувки – Givenchy
sunnies / очила – Asos


  1. Гледайки тази визия се изпълних с толкова топли и пролетни емоции!

  2. Mona says:

    Simply gorgeous! <3

  3. Yosilda K says:

    Lovely and refreshing outfit for spring!

  4. Venoma says:

    Loooove that skirt!

  5. melislicious says:

    wowwww it’s like you’re coming from paradise! incredible, love it!

  6. milex says:

    You are the one I like

  7. Iva says:

    super vizia! Podseti me za Choies, no neshto ne se spravqm s plashtaneto tam. Iska mi coupon code, koeto ne znam kakvo e. Mojesh li da pomognesh? Mersi

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