The Shearling Booties Challenge Take 1

These boots are still one of my most beloved pair of shoes so they deserve a special Challenge series of their own.

Тези боти си остават един от най-любимите ми чифтове обувки. Ето защо заслужават да им посветя серия от аутфити.

7 Replies to “The Shearling Booties Challenge Take 1”

  1. this is so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  2. pipa says:

    О,да!С тази пола стоят страхотно:-)

  3. Polly says:

    amazing top)

    Polly with love from Russia

  4. You look amazing! love your blouse!

  5. Beautiful outfit!


  6. Mancina says:

    this look is beyond amazing!!! great textile mix <3

  7. Wow… Great outfit combination!!

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