The One Where There is No Black

top / топ – H&M Trend; pants / панталон – Zara; bag / чанта – Marni for H&M; shoes / обувки – Sam Edelman c/o Fashion Days Bulgaria; necklace / колие – Moxham

8 Replies to “The One Where There is No Black”

  1. Polly says:

    wow!great pant!)

    Polly with love

  2. Vanessa. says:

    Wonderful look, I specially love those pants!

    Great blog, I’m following :)


  3. Catita says:

    Great look!! Awesome pants

  4. Love those pants! Those would be a great way to make a statement and for someone who wants to standout they are perfect!


  5. Rossi says:

    Number 1! These sandals are amazing :-) The pants are very unusual. Love this outfit!

  6. pokoyukku says:

    amazing necklace
    well, i’m a big fan of statement jewels;p


  7. pipa says:

    Great look!!!Sandals<3

  8. klassnya prichuska !!!
    Anastasia – FASHION DESIGNER

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