Come On Camo

cardigan / жилетка – H&M Trend; pants / панталон – Zara; necklace / колие – Marni for H&M; shoes / обувки – Asos

17 Replies to “Come On Camo”

  1. Misaki says:

    Страхотно съчетание, обожавам този стил :)

  2. Eva's Girl says:

    Super outfit, Iv! Esenen, no vapreki tova mnogo svej! Like it ;)

  3. pipa says:

    Отново,отново,отновоооо идеална визия…:-)

  4. WAW! Great outfit!

  5. WAW! Love this outfit!

  6. gorgeous look, the shoes are so nice !!

    * If you are buying a lot at Asos , check my blog post “Online Shopping ” for coupons and discounts

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  7. aqinimod says:

    what a lovely camo pants and necklace :)

    Your blog is one of my favourite – for a few months !


  8. Rossi says:

    Страхотна си, Иве! Прекрасен подбор днес в есенни топли земни цветове. :-)

  9. Charissa says:

    I really like your shoes!!
    I can’t find them on asos, which brand are they? Do you have a link for me?

  10. Ananda Rock says:

    Wow, love your look, it’s so cool!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Искам да попитам за блузката, на коя фирма е. Селин както пише ?

  12. Ivelina says:

    @Charissa – They are from few seasons back, I am afraid they are no longer in stock.
    @Anon – Блузката е от etsy с щампа, не е Celine :)

  13. Emily Mason says:

    Loving this outfit, looking amazing, i am a big fan of camo prints and i wear these most of the time specially in fall season.

  14. Hello there! I have just found your blog and I really love it<3 Ahh especially your Céline tee, I have been looking for one for so long now...:-( Anyway, keep up with the good work and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from Hungary.


  15. Monica says:

    Where’d you find the Celine tee? Super cute!

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