Yesterday took a drive along the South seaside looking for a cozy private beach and stumbled upon this little heaven. Fine white sand beach, crystal clear water and beach bar with amazing home made mint lemonade and snacks menu.

Вчера направих обиколка на южното черноморие в търсене на уютен плаж и попаднах този малък рай. Фин пясък, кристално чиста вода и плажен бар със страхотна ментова лимонада и храна.


  1. Janet Lin says:

    where is it? the water looks so pristine! :)

  2. pipa says:

    Лозенец….радвам се ,че си го посетила!Любимото ми лятно място…:-)

  3. Ivelina says:

    @Janet – the resort is Lozenetz on the Black Sea, the beach is called Hacienda Beach… you can easily find them on Google ;)

  4. Eva's Girl says:

    I zamirisa na more! :))) Nashto kraibrejie e strahotno!
    Are this morrored Ray-Bans? They look nice!

  5. Bog-Bog says:

    Amazing photos, i love your dress!

  6. Ох, страхотни снимки <3

  7. awesome pictures !

    XX Luba

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