Festival Fashion: Spirit of Burgas

The 1st day of Spirit of Burgas is now over and it was a real pleasure shooting such cool people. Cannot wait to go back for more. Enjoy the photos!

1ят ден от Spirit of Burgas официално приключи и беше истинско удоволствие да снимам толкова много страхотни хора. Насладете се на снимките!

7 Replies to “Festival Fashion: Spirit of Burgas”

  1. EmerJa says:

    Love it! A lot of cool people,yes!!:)


  2. EmerJa says:

    Love it:) A lot of cool people, yes!!


  3. great pictures ! Enjoy Burgas !

    XX Luba
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  4. I like these pictures with so inspiration.

  5. parfums says:

    This is fantastic, gorgeous look , Awesome pictures ,

  6. iFaktYou says:


  7. iFaktYou says:


let me know what you think...

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