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I am off to do some a lot of Fall shopping, let’s hope the stores agree with me. Also will be checking H&M showroom tomorrow so stay tuned for a full report on what to expect for the next months.
You can follow me around on Instagram @FriChic or browse HERE and of course will be posting real time on Facebook too.
Happy Sunday!

Днешният ден е запазен за есенен шопинг, надявам се и магазините да са съгласни с мен. Утре пък ще докладвам от шоурума на H&M, за това което ни очаква през следващите месеци.
Може да ме следите в Instagram @FriChic или да разглеждате снимките HERE. Разбира се, ще поствам и във Facebook.
Весела Неделя!

top and skirt / топ и пола – H&M Trend; shoes / обувки – Alexander Wang; bag / чанта – Givenchy

11 Replies to “Dress The Blogger”

  1. blog blog says:

    Wow great outfit….love love the skirt



  2. Marina says:

    You look stunning! Like the last photo!


  3. The look on your face is so rock chic and the ensemble feminine. Very unique!


  4. Страхотен аутфит! Обожавам тази пола!


  5. Колието ти е невероятно, толкова оригинално и стилно. А полата ти стои страхотно. Харесвам аутфита.


  6. Love the necklace!!!!

  7. omg! great style!

    xoxo from rome

  8. lovely style ! the necklace is superb !

    XX Luba

    Today on Well Living Blog :: Tribute to Coco

  9. Stacy says:

    Just found your blog! I must say you are amazing!!!
    Like this outfit really a lot! And your hairstyle is sooo amazing! So I have no choice but to follow you! Hope you’ll also like my blog and follow back)
    I am so impressed that got an idea to make an interview with you for my blog. I really hope that you will agree. If you don’t mind about my offer please let me know!

    My facebook page!


  10. Andrea says:

    love your skirt! i can´t wait for the showroom pics!

  11. Victoria says:

    Разкошен тоалет, харесвам всичко в него, продължавай все така :)


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