Easy As 1, 2, 3

If these weren’t the most uncomfortable shoes EVER, this could be counted as a very easy outfit. Pick a pair of vintage jeans, add a white tee and some statement necklaces and throw on a parka. Voila!

Ако това не бяха най-неудобните обувки на света, това може да се нарече лесен и удобен аутфит. Изберете чифт износени дънки, добавете обемно колие и обикновена бяла тениска, наметнете парка и сте готови.

top / топ – c/o New Yorker; jeans / дънки – vintage; shoes / обувки – Zara; parka / парка – Mango; bag / чанта – Givenchy; necklaces / колиета – Marni at H&M


  1. Twins says:

    I like this Tomboy look that you made more girly with the white heels xx


  2. Mancina says:

    love the outfit so much but i must agree with you about the shoes. The mid high heel is much more comoftable that these ones =)

  3. The necklace is quite a beauty, and love the mid-heels!


  4. One of the best outfits I have seen on you! Love the laid-back look!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really like your look, The neckless does make a difference to it. I am sorry to hear that those shoes i envy you so much about, are actually not comfortable.

    kisses antonia

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