Just how much the choice of outwear can change an outfit…

Колко много изборът на връхна дреха може да промени един аутфит…

shirt, blazer and boots / риза, сако и боти – Zara; skirt / пола – H&M Trend; parka / парка – Mango; bag / чанта – Givenchy


  1. Such pretty orange hues in your look! Very spring ready.


  2. FASHION ICE says:

    im really liking orange this spring! u look so chic

  3. love both choices but with my current gravitation to color, the bold orange blazer looks amazing!!! But the effortless parka in the neutral khaki green also has me too…lol

  4. Wow! What a difference – loving the orange :)

    Emma x

  5. Bog-Bog says:

    I love that orange blazer so much!

  6. LadyAsia says:

    I can’t wait to have such a beautiful weather to walk around in a blazer, without any jacket :) that’s why I prefer the second version ;) kisses, LadyAsia

  7. Borjana says:

    Well you still look chic my dear and have brightened up this grey day with those spring colors!

  8. Twins says:

    I love floral outfit!! Grrr!
    I still don’t have any!! I really need to make shopping in Zara or H&M!! ;-)


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