Snow Queen in Nude

No blogger was hurt during the filming, LOL!
Kids, don’t try this outside… walking in heels I mean. Unless I want to rename the blog to “101 Ways to Wear Rubber Boots”, I had to do it.
Now tell me, how gorgeous is the nude Anubis necklace from Moxham? I am obsessed with their oversized Egyptian mythology inspired pieces ever since Sophia from Personal Uniform lent me hers for a party.

Блогърът не беше контузен по време на снимките, ХАХА!
Деца, не изпробвайте това навън… ходенето на токчета имам предвид.  Tъй като не искам да се преименувам на “101 начина да носите гумени ботуши”, трябваше да го направя.
Сега ми кажете, не е ли страхотно това колие на Moxham? Имам леко пристрастяване към техните обемни бижута, вдъхновени от египетската митология, от момента в който Sophia от Personal Uniform ми зае нейно колие за едно парти.

coat / палто – Zara; jacket / яке – c/o Romwe; boots and dress / боти и рокля – Asos; bag / чанта – Givenchy; necklace / колие – c/o Moxham

13 Replies to “Snow Queen in Nude”

  1. The collar detail on that dress is absolutely amazing. x

  2. Love the necklace, the dress, the jacket – everything!

  3. Love the whole outfit!
    The necklace is gorgeous ;-)

  4. EdgyCuts says:

    Perfect outfit, except maybe for the shoes – I’d choose the Givenchy sandals!

  5. wow!!! it’s trully stunning!!!

    xoxo from rome

  6. Eva says:

    Страхотно е! :)

  7. Bog-Bog says:

    I love the colour of the dress. Great outfit!

  8. pipa says:

    Great outfit!

  9. Vanya K. says:


  10. Eda. says:

    Absoloutly stunning and that necklace is amazing

    Eda ♥

  11. I bow before you and your bravery to blogging! The necklace and dress look fantastic together!

    Emma xx

  12. Andrea says:

    i love the necklace!

  13. Sophia says:

    you look so amazing, as usual! I love the styling and your coat is so great!!!! Hopefully see you soon <3

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