New In: Fetish Sandals

My slight huge obsession with Givenchy SS12 sandals (click here for reference) is under control now that I found the perfect budget alternative that is actually way easier to walk in. I am so proud!

Леката Голямата ми мания по сандалите на Givenchy (за референция виж тук) е под контрол, след като открих перфектната достъпна алтернатива, с която всъщност ще може да се ходи. Гордея се със себе си!

13 Replies to “New In: Fetish Sandals”

  1. From MANGO? Wauw great copy! xxx

  2. EdgyCuts says:

    Тичам да ги пробвам! Дано са поне наполовина удобни колкото добре изглеждат :}

  3. Bought the same shoes, however, I actually am thinking of returning them! Yes, they have only 8 cm heel but they’re everything but easy to walk!!! My feet keep slipping of the shoe so that my toes land on the ground when walking… I don’t know what went wrong there but think it’s the strap that is just too big… Apart from that they’re beautiful but I am not sure if it justifies spending 70 € on shoes that are good for pictures only and not walking…

  4. Can’t breathe, can’t breathe – these are just amazing and Mango?! Fabulous!!

    Emma xx

  5. Loreleid says:

    I am about to get those same sandals too! They are amazing, I loved them since I layed my eyes on them <3

  6. Joy says:

    They look amazing! wannahave for sure…

  7. wow!!! fab !!!

    xoxo from rome

  8. Andrea says:

    ahhh i just added them to my wishlist yesterday..big love!

  9. pipa says:


  10. Rox says:

    Hi there!I was going to ask you how comfortable are to walk in,but after reading one of the comments I am in doubt whether to buy them.Do you think I should order a size down?Thanks :)

  11. Frickys says:

    @Rox – Def a size down won’t be a good idea because your toes will land on the ground :) I think it all depends on how wide and tall your feet are in order for the front strap to hold them in place. I am satisfied with them given the model…

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