The same day when my boots crashed, my camera had an accident which now means crappy photos. Please, ignore that fact and move to the outfit :)
I realized I am in a rut with safe outfits so decided to try out some sandals plus socks action!

Същият ден, когато пострдаха ботите ми, пострада и фотоапарата, което означава ужасни снимки. Моля, игнорирайте този факт и да се обърнем към аутфита :)
Осъзнах че напоследък го карам предпазливо с аутфитите, затова ето малко екшън със сандали плюс чорапи!

skirt / пола – Zara; jacket / яке – Ekoclo; bag and shoes / чанта и обувки – Alexander Wang; otk socks / чорапи – Stradivarius; scarf / шал – H&M

15 Replies to “Victim”

  1. astrid.york says:

    it has been a long time since i saw an outfit put together in a way that swept me away. unique, brave with most amazing shoes and bag (on my wishlist…). loving it :))

  2. ASH says:

    Your shoes are so amaze.

  3. gresja says:

    I love the minimalism in color,
    these shoes are awesome

  4. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous! From head to toe! :)

  5. LADY REBEL says:

    LV the all look but but the key of it are your amazing sandals,the way you have mix them are so…….PERFECT!!


  6. modniza says:

    love,love,love your outfit!!! absolutely stylish! xxxx

  7. what a wonderful look. the shoes are so special- they suits you so good. amazing look!
    kisses and a wonderful weekend.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  8. Love this outfit. Socks & sandles are awesome too.

  9. Mary says:



    Maria Onorio

  10. Mancina says:

    love that you dare to experiment and just being edgy but still looking amazing! perfect outfit!

  11. Denni K. says:

    якето е страхотно

  12. So sorry to hear about your heels and camera, I still think the photos are fantastic! Especially adore the fox tail accent. x

  13. Tony SHT. says:

    Много хубаво изглежда съчетанието на сандал+чорапогащник, ще го изпробвам и аз тези дни!

  14. pipa says:

    Великолепен аутфит!Но чорапогащника и сандалите са ми фаворити:))

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