New In: Amen Dress

My very short and best ever Winter holiday is now over. Thank you for bearing with me :) The greatest present this year came along with a dear friend all the way from Italy and while I was very sad to say goodbye to her today, this dress will bring some amazing memories. An outfit is coming soon!

Кратката ми и най-невероятната зимна почивка вече свърши. Благодаря ви за търпението :) Тази година най-страхотният подарък пристигна заедно с близка приятелка чак от Италия. Въпреки че ми беше много тъжно да се сбогувам днес с нея, тази рокля ще ми носи вълшебни спомени. Очаквайте аутфит!

6 Replies to “New In: Amen Dress”

  1. wow the detail picture looks excellent. want to see more :)

    Lovely Greets
    Maren Anita

    Please have a look at my Holiday GIVEAWAY:


  2. Glad you had a lovely holiday – can’t wait to see the dress on! Welcome back :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    When you will post your New Year outfit ? Can’t wait to see the clothes on you :)

  4. pipa says:

    Заинтригувана съм….:))

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