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source: H&M Press Office

I just had to share with you these looks from H&M Winter 2012 lookbook… so much detailing, baroque influence and opulence. It’s absolutely mesmerizing!

Трябваше да споделя с вас този стайлинг от зимната колекция 2012 на H&M… изобилие от детайли, вдъхновение от барока и разкош. Зашеметяващо е!

13 Replies to “H&M Winter 2012 Lookbook”

  1. Polly says:

    i read fall magazine from H&M yesterday)it;s amazing colors!new collection has many interesting things)

    Polly with love

  2. Eva's Girl says:

    UAU! I wouldn’t belive it’s H&M! Amazing styling!
    The purple coat is perfect ;)

  3. Mary says:

    woooooooooooooooow i love the first look ;)))

    Maria Onorio

  4. pipa says:

    Уникални …..лилавото палто и синята рокля<3<3

  5. Andrea says:

    love the lilac coat and the green dress!

  6. Meda N. says:

    I will patiently for that skirt! It’s amazing! xo

  7. Love the metallic coated purple dress. I’ll be trying that on without a doubt!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a question regarding H&M- maybe you can answer me. Do you havy any clue if there will be another shipment of “the” famous collar necklace from Trend collection (the one you had in your post in the end of August)? Or this was just a limited collection and won’t be again in stores?

    Thanks in advance!


  9. Ivelina says:

    @Ola – As long as I heard they are not going to stock it anymore… so either some old stock pops up or you pay 2x on ebay…

let me know what you think...

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