(CLOSED) Grupa Arigato Table Lamp GIVEAWAY

GRUPA is a design trio from Zagreb, Croatia that create amazing lighting fixtures and different objects for living and working spaces. You might have already noticed their creations in my home. Well, it was a real honor to give my full support these past couple of months in spreading the word.

Congratulation to Mercy who just won this lamp with her entry on Instagram. Thank you, everyone, for taking part and stay tuned for more amazing giveaways!

Today I am super excited to announce that they are giving away an Arigato table lamp to one FriChic reader!

Follow the steps below for your chance to win Arigato table lamp from GRUPA

To enter:
1. Like FriChic on Facebook;
2. Like GRUPA on Facebook;
3. Like this post on Facebook with the button
4. Browse GRUPA online store;
5. Leave a comment here with your name, email address and the name of your favorite lamp from GRUPA.

Only 1 entry on the blog per person will be counted. For an extra entry, head over to my Instagram account for details: @FriChic

The giveaway will be closed at 11.59PM EET on 1st March 2015.
The winner will be picked on 3rd March 2015 among all valid and active entries on both the blog and Instagram with random number generator.


GRUPA е дизайн трио от Загреб, което създава страхотни осветителни тела и продукти за дома и офиса. Може вече да сте забелязали някои от техните творения у дома. За мен беше истинско удоволствие да работя с тях през последните няколко месеца.

Честито на Mercy, която спечели тази лампа с участието си в Instagram. Благодаря на всички, които се записаха. Останете на линия за още страхотни подаръци!

Днес те искат да зарадват читател на FriChic, като му подарят настолна лампа Arigato!

Ето как можете да спечелите настолна лампа Arigato от GRUPA

За да участвате:
1. Харесайте страницата на FriChic във Facebook;
2. Харесайте страницата на GRUPA във Facebook;
3. Харесайте този пост с бутона
4. Разгледайте онлайн магазина на GRUPA;
5. Оставете коментар с името ви, имейл адрес за връзка и любимия ви модел лампа от GRUPA.

Само по 1 участие на човек в блога ще е валидно. За допълнително участие, следвайте указанията в акаунта ми в Instagram: @FriChic

Може да се запишете до 23.59 часа на 1ви Март 2015.
Победителят ще бъде избран на 3ти Март 2015 на случаен принцип сред всички валидни и активни участия в блога и в Instagram.

114 Replies to “(CLOSED) Grupa Arigato Table Lamp GIVEAWAY”

  1. Gergana Spasova says:

    Gergana Spasova; arch.spasova@yahoo.com ; Favorite lamp from GRUPA – Floor lamp: Model 2

  2. Mirela Ermenkova says:

    ARIGATO COMBO AR-C, Mirela Ermenkova, mirela.erm@gmail.com

  3. яна says:

    Много готини! Моят модел-фаворит е Arigato AR-C2.
    Яна Кънева

  4. Gabriela says:

    Любим модел- от серията Аrigato- AR-C2

  5. Lisbeth Glud says:

    Model AR-F is my favorite model

  6. Atanas Chuchev; at_chuchev@mail.bg; favorite lamp: GRUPA ili_ili

  7. Kameliya Noeva says:

    Камелия Ноева
    <3 ARIGATO AR-C2 <3

  8. rafaela says:

    I don’t have a facebook, but I used my husband’s profile (Pjer Sladoljev). So I hope my entry is valid here too. my favorite lamp is this one – arigato table lamp :) but I also like Model lamp. And I have their figura coat hanger on my wishlist for our bedroom (not on their online shop)

  9. pipa says:

    Любим модел AR-C2

  10. Maya Ivanova says:

    Мая Иванова/ maja.ivanova@gmail.com/ AR-F

  11. Anna Sokolova says:

    Anna Sokolova

    HI, my favourite lamp is – Model 2 !

  12. Huyen Tr says:

    My name is Huyen Tran.
    My email is : huyentr1706@gmail.com
    ARIGATO is my favorite lamp.

  13. Elena K. says:

    Elena Koycheva


    Favorite lamp from GRUPA: AR-T

  14. Marija says:

    Marija Gašparović

    Model 1

  15. hello from brussels and thanks for this great present!!! my fav is the black model 2 but I have to say that all the model of Grupa are amazing.

  16. gyllez says:

    all model of lamps are great, i like all Arigato style, but i really need the unique Arigato AR-F2! wish to have one of them.

  17. Sweet Moli says:

    I like the Arigato AR-F2 most of all, e´ven though the others are fantastic as well.

    Nadezhda Lisichkova, sweetm0li23@gmail.com.

  18. MoranSha says:

    I love this one http://www.grupaproducts.com/ili_ili/order/combo/aef-y/
    mooransh @ gmail . com


  19. Ivo Piljic says:

    I’m in love with Arigato table lamp.
    It would be a great companion both for my interior and late night working deadlines.

  20. All amazing, but the AR-C is hands down favourite!

  21. Tugce Gonce says:

    Tugce Gonce

  22. Maja Eterovic Marinic says:

    My favourite- ili ili dance all night!

  23. Barbara Tomečak says:

    Barbara Tomečak, barbara.tomecak@gmail.com, Arigato AR-F

  24. rossun says:

    The Floor lamps are also great. Rossi Lzv agirl[at]abv.bg Thank you :-)

  25. Galq Angelova says:

    Галя Ангелова ,galq_cvetkova@mail.bg,Любим модел Аrigato- AR-C2

  26. Marina Barukcic says:

    Arigato AR-C2 :) Already bought one of your lamp for a present, but still don’t have one of my own…

  27. My favourite Arigato AR-C2
    Yana Ivanova

  28. Петя Дуракова petia_1986@abv.bg says:

    Страхотна е!

  29. oLIDo says:

    Arigato AR-C2
    Lidija Bukovac

  30. Ana Kotzmuth says:

    Ana Kotzmuth ana.kotzmuth@gmail.com Favorite: Arigato

  31. Kalina Linkova says:

    Kalina Linkova
    e-mail: kalina.linkova@fashiondays.com
    Favourite model: Arigato

  32. Branimir Becic says:

    My favourite lamp is Arigato AR C2! :))
    branimir, becibranimir8@gmail.com

  33. Kristina Rakovic says:

    KRISTINA RAKOVIĆ, rakovickristina@gmail.com, ARIGATO <3

  34. Željka Vodopija Seifert, zeljka@keks.hr, Arigato AR-F

  35. my favourite lamp is ILI-ILI Gone Fishing
    mail wonderglo@libero.it

  36. Mate Rupić says:

    Mate Rupić
    Arigato AR-F2

  37. Христина Христова hrisss89@abv.bg Arigato AR-F

  38. Emma Godfrey says:

    I like the configurator model 2.
    Emma Godfrey

  39. bianca says:

    my favorite is the Arigato Combo lamp AR-T. their products are really interesting, good design.

  40. Katya Vlasova says:


  41. Ying Chen says:

    I did all of the steps! And I love the Arigato lamp. This is the first time I’ve seen it and I think it’s great!

  42. Lidija says:

    Lidija Tomas Matijević | lidija.tomas@gmail.com | arigato floor lamp

  43. Velina Bakardzhieva says:

    Arigato AR-T

  44. My favorite is Arigato Ar f2
    Dosta Radnjanska

  45. Excellent! Guerrilla advertising at it’s best!
    Arigato AR-W works for me. Good luck with your ad campaign!

  46. My favorite is Arigato AR-T
    Ivona Dujic

  47. Sarah says:

    Hi from Germany. What a fantastic GIVE-AWAY! I love the Arigato Table Lamp and pretty much the MODEL 1.
    Thank you for the contest! Fingers crossed!
    Much love! Metakognitiva

  48. darinka says:

    arigato AR-F

  49. Ines K. says:

    Arigato AR-T
    Ines Klepić

  50. Ivana says:

    Arigato table lamp!

  51. franjo says:

    arigato table lamp :)

  52. gorana stipec says:

    gorana stipec


    arigato table lamp

  53. Stephanie says:

    I like the Dance All Night lamp best because of the shape. let’s an interesting design.

  54. Artem Rulev says:

    Hello! My name’s
    Artem Rulev

    All Arigato family is fantastic! But most of all, I like that ceiling twins: AR-C2

  55. hueleacoco says:

    Hi, enter me, please! I like arigato table lamp



  56. Desiree says:

    Waugh Ivelina Amazing giveaway! What a great brand I think my favorite is the Arigato AR C2 it would lighten ip my huge kitchen in a beautiful way… Thanks for the great giveaway I’d love to join :)

  57. Petya Georgiewa says:

    Petya Georgiewa
    Arigato table lamp <3

  58. Luis Resendiz says:

    Luis Reséndiz, luisfresendiz@live.com.mx and my fave lamp has to be the Arigato AR-C2!

  59. Alexei Petrov says:

    I love Arigato AR-C2

  60. Evelyn Arquette says:

    I’ve entered my name and E-Mail address in the form that appeared while posting the comment.

    My favorite Grupa lamp is Arigato AR-C, basically because it’s pretty efficient. I have only huge tube-lights that cost me a lot when my electricity bill arrives, and with a table lamp like that, the expenses are bound to drop down.

    Apart from that, it’s sleek, it’s light-weight, it’s smooth, it’s durable (I don’t know the durability for sure, but just bet on that.)

  61. Lysa Joseph says:

    I like Arigato AR-F
    Elisa Panjang, elisa_panjang@yahoo.com
    Thanks for the chance.

  62. Elena Rudaya says:

    I love the Model Lamp 2
    Elena Rudaya
    queen-of-pain@ yandex. com

  63. Jaff says:

    Jaff Husin husintosh@gmail.com Arigato AR-F2 looks cool and useful.

  64. Heer nida says:

    like to win

  65. ISA VAL says:

    thanks! :)
    fb: ISA VAL
    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

    love ili ili!

  66. John Agwazim says:

    John Agwazim, eagwazim@yahoo.com my favourite lamp is Arigato.

  67. Arianne Mae C Capaciete says:

    Arianne Mae C Capaciete

  68. karen petrychko says:

    i like the desk lamp you are giving away !

  69. Lorraine Squires says:

    This lamp would be great for my office.

  70. I love the design of AR-F! (and the table version too)

  71. Красимира Петрова, alex99@abv.bg, Arigato AR-T

  72. Uszáma Mutier, mutier.uszama@gmail.com , Grupa Arigato Table Lamp is my favourite, and i follow on instagram @mutier.uszama

  73. Edmond says:

    OMG, my fave; Arigato. Wow, prize lamp is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the lamp to read, work and eat again.

  74. Maria Ivanova, e-mail: maria.ivanova727@gmail.com, Lamp: Arigato AR-T

  75. Zornitsa says:

    Зорница Нинова
    Combo lamp, model 1

  76. Rosina Kondova rosina_kondova@abv.bg, favorite model Arigato Combo lamp

  77. Катя Николова says:

    Катя Николова, katya.v.nikolova@abv.bg, Arigato AR-T

  78. Rosi says:

    My favourite is MODEL 3 http://www.grupaproducts.com/model/
    Rositsa Shodova rosi.shodova@gmail.com

  79. Zvezdalina Smilova says:

    Zvezdalina Smilova
    Cat’s Hat

  80. Kalina Okova says:

    Kalina Okova – kalina.okova@gmail.com
    Favourite lamp – Arigato AR-C

  81. Ariana Georgieva says:

    Ariana Georgieva
    email: ariana.georgieva@gmail.com
    fav lamp: ARIGATO AR-F 2m

  82. Здравейте, с огромно удоволствие участвам и в тази игра! Прекрасни са всички модели, може би се спирам на Arigato AR-F, но много бих се зарадвала да си спечеля и насотлната лампа от същата колекция! Усмивки

  83. Rositsa says:

    Rositsa Vasileva, pearlgirl01@abv.bg; Arigato AR-F

  84. Angelina says:

    Хареса ми изчистената форма – заради нея Arigato би се вписала навсякъде.
    Angelina: angie77sa@gmail.com

  85. Anastasia says:

    Arigato AR-F2
    Anastasia Terzieva

  86. Riya says:

    Name: Kavita Khemchandani
    email: tkdawnmay(at)yahoo(dot)com
    I like ARIGATO AR-F2

  87. Morgana DeLarge says:

    Arigato Table Lamp <3
    Follow you on Instagram also.
    FB : Morgana DeLarge

  88. Pepi says:

    Великолепни са всички. Голяма гордост ще са ми,ако ги добавя към обзавеждането ми. Любимата ми е Model2, черна с червен кабел.

  89. Kali says:

    Калина Енева
    Arigato AR-T

  90. Dilqna says:

    Диляна dilqnaa@ymail.com любим модел configurator

  91. Петранка Атанасова pepamitko@abv.bg

    Ili_ili Gone Fishing

  92. wendyhatton says:

    Wendy Hatton
    I could certainly use the Arigato Floor Lamp AR-F2- very handy indeed. But I love the Ili- ili idea of mix and match shapes and colors too. A fantastic idea.

  93. Dani Zdravkova says:

    my favourite AR-F

  94. Coline T. says:

    I like Arigato “AR-F2”: http://www.grupaproducts.com/arigato/order/ar-f2/
    Followin on Facebook: Coline Touil
    and Instagram: coline_touil

    Email: coco.pink@hotmail.fr
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway! :-D

  95. Lucia says:

    Finger Crossed
    Lucia Izzo

    I’m in Love with Arigato Lamp AR-T

  96. Александра Георгиева says:

    Александра Георгиева, sladurche_tn@abv.bg, Model 3

  97. Тодор Михайлов says:

    Тодор Михайлов, todor_mihajlov@abv.bg, ILI_ILI Nighty Night

  98. lentejas1962 says:

    Great! I like Arigato Lamp AR-T

    GFC: lentejas1962
    FACEBOOK: Paqui Risquez
    EMAIL: lentejas1962(at)hotmail.com

    Thank you

  99. Eleanore Wu says:

    Eleanore Wu
    fav:Arigato table lamp
    Instagram account:eleanor850802

  100. Totallymirz says:

    Almost missed out on this amazing give away!
    My favorite? The Arigato lamp fur sure ( even better the floor version ) ;)

    Fingers crossed! :)


  101. Елена Георгиева says:

    Елена Георгиева
    ILI_ILI – Nighty Night

  102. Радка Христова Михайлова says:

    Радка Христова Михайлова

  103. I am loving the Arigato AR-T!
    Facebook: Marielle Larsen
    Mail: elle-melle@hotmail.com

  104. Judy Thomas says:

    Judy Thomas judethomas21@gmail.com
    Facebook: Judy Thomas
    I love the AR-C Lamp

  105. Judy Thomas says:

    I follow on Instagram : @jude2101

  106. emilyy4444 says:

    emily omara twitter @emily_4444 – love the AR-C Lamp

  107. Name: Ghazanfar Ali Riaz
    email: ghazanfaralipro@gmail.com

    favourite lamp: AR-W: base Ø8; base arm L37, shade arm L37, shade Ø22

  108. Love the Arigato lamp…very cool!

Comments are closed.

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