(CLOSED) Printic Polaroids GIVEAWAY

As you have noticed, I’ve been using Printic app (for iOS and Android) to print out photos for my interior. Besides standard Polaroids, at the end of every year you can order a customized calendar. The app lets you use your own photos and select from wide range of colors. The calendar comes in a cute Printic box with all needed stuff to safely pin it on a wall.

If you want to use my clean design with numbers, download the images here

Read below on how you can win a 2015 customized calendar or a box of 50 prints!

To enter:
1. Like FriChic on Facebook;
2. Like Printic on Facebook;
3. Leave a comment here with:
– your name and email address
– what you want to win: 2015 calendar or box of 50 prints
Only one entry per person!

The giveaway will be closed at 11.59PM EET on 14th December 2014. The winners will be picked with random number generator.


Както сте забелязали, използвам приложението Printic (тук за iOS и тук за Android) и отпечатвам снимки, които ползвам като интериорна декорация. В края на всяка година, освен стандартните полароиди, можете да персонализирате и поръчате календар за следващата година. Приложението ви дава възможност да използвате всякакви ваши снимки и набор от цветове. Календарът пристига в симпатична кутийка с всичко необходимо, за да го закрепите безопасно за стената.

Ако искате да използвате моя дизайн с числа, можете да свалите снимките тук

Четете по-долу как можете да спечелите персонализиран календар за 2015 или кутия с 50 полароиди.

За да участвате:
1. Like FriChic on Facebook;
2. Следете Printic във Facebook;
2. Оставете коментар с:
– името ви и имейл адрес за връзка;
– желания подарък: календар или кутия с 50 полароида.
Само по един коментар на човек!

Може да се запишете до 23.59 часа на 14ти Декември 2014. Победителят ще бъде избран на случаен принцип. Успех!

Congratulations to Nymphéa who won the calendar and Paqui who won the box of 50 prints!

40 Replies to “(CLOSED) Printic Polaroids GIVEAWAY”

  1. Engyul Asanova says:


  2. Jennie says:

    jennieche7@gmail.com, Жени, box of 50 polaroids

  3. Nadezhda Lalova says:

    кутия с 50 полароида :)

  4. Pirina says:

    Пирина Касапинова | pirinakasapinova@gmail.com

    Кутията за мен, моля! ♥ Адски яко приложение!

  5. Kameliya Noeva says:

    Камелия Ноева
    Кутия с 50 полароида за мен :)

  6. Porcher says:

    Box of 50 prints please

  7. Helle Krogh says:

    Helle Krogh
    I would like to win a box of 50 prints

  8. Ananda Rock says:

    Great!, I like to win a box of 50 prints

  9. Adelina Veselinova says:

    Adelina Veselinova

  10. Kremena Pantaleeva says:

    I would love a box of 50 prints ;)

  11. Magdalena says:

    box of 50 prints
    fb name – Magda Jezierska

  12. Silje Jacobsen says:

    I would like to win 2015 calender

    Silje Jacobsen

  13. Petya Georgiewa says:

    Petya Georgiewa
    кутия с 50 полароида

  14. Yelena Ilnitskaya says:

    I like a box of 50 prints :)

  15. Vanja says:

    Box with 50 polaroids

  16. Lisa says:

    I’d love to win the box of 50 prints!
    Btw I love your numbers design.
    Lots of love, Lisa

  17. Gergana Spasova says:

    Гергана Спасова, кутия с 50 полароиди.

  18. Diana says:

    Диана, dvldoychinova@gmail.com, кутия с 50 полароида.

  19. rossun says:

    Rossi Lzv
    A box of 50 prints, please :-)

  20. Mercy (contacta@thevisualcorner.net) 50 prints ;)

  21. Cool! Can’t wait to finally get some polaroids up on our virgin white walls! Fingers crossed :-)

  22. Vanessa Ribeiro

    Want 2015 calendar

    Thank you very much.

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  23. Mary says:

    I would love to win the box of 50 prints . I completely love printic !!!! Love Mary
    Email mmarqu070@gmail.com

  24. Tyler West says:

    Would love to win 50 prints :)

    Your ideas are fab!

  25. Jan Michlovsky says:

    Jan Michlovsky

  26. Radostina Hristova says:

    Радостина Христова
    С удоволствие ще се радвам на кутия с 50 поларойда

  27. liked both pages under bri tom.

    would love to win the 50 prints.

  28. Христина Христова, hrisss89@abv.bg

  29. Bente Syvertsen says:

    I would love to win the 50 prints!!!

  30. mfm8808 says:

    Mariya Trifonova
    Box of 50 Polaroid prints

  31. Nichole Lee says:

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia, so lucky I saw the Instagram picture, I just simple like capture a slice of my life, I Like Polaroid, I like Printic and I really really like your B&W design, that’s my favorite color❤ Hope I can win a box of 50 print calendar

  32. Радина Драганова says:

    Радина Драганова
    кутия с 50 полароида

  33. Elena Mes says:

    Hi, enter me, please! I’d like 50 prints

    ♥Nick blogger: hueleacoco
    ♥Email: hueleacoco(@)hotmail.com
    ♥Seguidora facebook: Elena Mes



  34. Dosta Radnjanska
    I want the calendar.

  35. Nymphéa says:

    Wow!! This calendar is awesome!! Perfect for my home!
    Thanks for this perfect giveaway! :)
    Good Christmas time at all!

  36. fanfan says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!! I play for the box. Love Printic!

  37. Naama A says:

    great giveaway! I’m in! would love to get the 50 prints :)
    Naama A
    nam12 [at] walla.co.il

  38. Veselin Milev

    box of 50 prints :))

  39. lentejas1962 says:

    Great! I like to win a box of 50 prints

    GFC: lentejas1962
    FACEBOOK: Paqui Risquez
    EMAIL: lentejas1962(at)hotmail.com

    Thank you

  40. Ashley says:

    I would love the calendar. So need in my life.

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