The Hooligan

I was pretending that Monday was actually a Sunday hence the casual hoodie thing.

Този понеделник ми беше като неделя, което обяснява суитчера.

hoodie / суитчер – FC fan shop; skirt / пола – vintage; bag / чанта – Alexander Wang; leather bracelet / кожена гривна – Celine; plexi cuff / плекси гривна – Cooee; spike cuff / гривна-пирон – Giles&Brother


  1. Laura says:

    Nice post and pics:-))

  2. this looks so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  3. pipa says:

    So nice!!!

  4. My Moonriver says:

    I like that outfit very much. Looks comfy and chic! Great!

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